Met with surgeon right when I got here.

There’s only one thing stopping us from having surgery first thing in the morning. There is one vein two Eco’s haven’t found yet. He wants to have a good image of that before we go into surgery.

Best case scenario: they do an Eco tomorrow morning and find the vein. Then surgery happens mid-morning or early afternoon.

Worst case scenario: they do two Eco’s and can’t find the vein still. So we wait and try again to find the vein. Surgery happens sometime Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.

Good news: Surgeon says that he sees no reason for Penny to not do well with this surgery. He says he’s quite blunt and would tell us if there was a danger. Verdict: no danger.

Good news: This is an anatomical fix. Meaning, once this thing is fixed, it’s fixed. Once her veins and arteries are in the right place, things will really start to pick up. Weight gain, heart rate, oxygen count, everything.

Tonight, we rest. Tomorrow morning we start doing the imaging to find the vein.

Pray the doctors can find the vein so we can do the surgery.

Pray Bekah and Penny rest well tonight.

Pray God is glorified in all things.


About ronaldlong

Ronald is the Middle School Pastor at Wayside Chapel in San Antonio, TX. He has a beautiful wife named Bekah and three girls: Sophie, Penny and Ruth. He's the author of Awkward and Faker, two bible studies for students. Get more info about them at

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