Youth ministers around the globe are BEGGING you to ask them these questions/bring up these topics. Don’t waste anytime! Go find a youth pastor quick!

6. Where are all the youth?

Probably baseball practice. And dance. And doing homework. Or working. Or sleeping in. Or at their mom’s instead of their dad’s. To be honest I have no idea. I was just excited about the (insert number of your group) that DID show up tonight/this morning.

5. Did you know that there are youth in the hallway?

Let me get this straight, now you’re upset that youth are here? Because I thought #6 covered your concern for wanting more kids here.

4. What do you do all day?

Angry Birds. Lots of Angry Birds. When I get tired of that I take a lunch and go to Taco Bell so I can play Temple Run 2 in peace.

3. Can you come lift (insert name of heavy object here) for me?

Most definitely! Especially since I’m the youngest back within shouting distance, it’s a pleasure!

2. About your budget…

It’s going up right? You saw that I didn’t spend enough and you’d like to increase it? Wow I’m all about that! Oh… Well it’s going to stay the same then right? Oh…

1. Are you busy?

Nope! I’ve been sitting at my computer screen for half an hour trying to figure out what I should be doing right now. I take it you have a suggestion?

In all seriousness, a day “in the office” of a youth minister will more than likely cover all of these areas.

Want to REALLY make a youth minister’s day? Try these on for size instead:

6. How can I help contact the youth who missed last week?

Praise Jesus here are their phone numbers.

5. Do you need some extra volunteers to hang out with youth before you get started.

Yes. Here is a ping-pong paddle. Beat the pants off of them.

4. Is there anything I can do to help with (insert program name or event name here)?

I just so happen to have a check-list of things that need to get done. How many would you like to take?

3. Can you come lift (insert name of heavy object here) for me?

There’s no getting around this one. You seriously are the youngest back around the office.

2. Do you need some extra funds to do (insert anything here)?

Please make checks payable to (insert church name).

1. How can I pray for you?

Sit down. This one is going to take awhile.

I love my job and everything that comes with it! Being a youth minister really is my dream job. I get to speak into the lives of teenagers every day and encourage them to follow Jesus. All the extra stuff that comes with it is just a part of the territory.

Especially lifting heavy objects. That one is golden.


About ronaldlong

Ronald is the Middle School Pastor at Wayside Chapel in San Antonio, TX. He has a beautiful wife named Bekah and three girls: Sophie, Penny and Ruth. He's the author of Awkward and Faker, two bible studies for students. Get more info about them at

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