I know it’s hard. You spend all week working hard at your job. Then when you come home it’s time with the kids and spouse, then eating supper, paying bills, washing up, and thinking about bed after some time winding down.

When is it convenient to study for the lesson? And when you get in there, how can you get it taught?

I know that I don’t really get something if I only look at it one time. If I study something in small bursts throughout the week though, by the time the lesson comes around, I’m all in.

Maybe you could study your small group lesson in this way. (For Sunday teachers, start on Monday. For Wednesday night teachers, start on Thursday.)

  • Day One: Read the Scripture. Look at the main point for the lesson.
  • Day Two: Read the Scripture. Look over the activities.
  • Day Three: Read the Scripture. Look over the questions and refresh yourself on the main point.
  • Day Four: Read the Scripture. Reword any question or phrase that you think needs tweaking.
  • Day Five: Read the Scripture. Research any sources outside of the lesson that reinforce the main point.
  • Day Six: Read the Scripture. Look at the application and see what you would add or take away.

In this way, you familiarize yourself with the Scripture and the lesson over the course of the week so you don’t have to cram the night before.

Try to use this, or something like this, to help you study. Change what happens on what day. Flip things around. Use this so that you get in your study time in 10-15 minutes a day instead of reading over it the night before.

And pray for your students. A lot!


About ronaldlong

Ronald is the Middle School Pastor at Wayside Chapel in San Antonio, TX. He has a beautiful wife named Bekah and three girls: Sophie, Penny and Ruth. He's the author of Awkward and Faker, two bible studies for students. Get more info about them at 128ministries.org.

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