If you are a member of FBC Lexington, I cannot stress the importance of tomorrow enough.

Tomorrow morning, FBC Lexington members will nominate those who they wish to serve on the Pastor Search Committee.

You will be able to nominate six men and six women.

To vote in this nomination, you must be a member of FBC Lexington and the people whom you select must be members as well.

Please commit this to serious prayer today. Call those whom you wish to select and ask if they would serve in that capacity. Don’t wait until tomorrow to think about this. Go ahead and make out your list today and pray over it.

Next Sunday, April 14th, we will elect five people from the nominations to serve as the Pastor Search committee.

Please pray over this process and for our church!


About ronaldlong

Ronald is the Middle School Pastor at Wayside Chapel in San Antonio, TX. He has a beautiful wife named Bekah and three girls: Sophie, Penny and Ruth. He's the author of Awkward and Faker, two bible studies for students. Get more info about them at 128ministries.org.

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