Numbers don’t mean much when you’re looking into the face of someone who just told you that their parents are getting a divorce. What was once a statistic is now a student you care deeply for. Who cares if the divorce rate is low? It’s affected this student personally and so now, the ball is in your court.

How many students in your ministry have parents who are divorced?

How will you respond when you first hear the news of a student whose parents are splitting?

What does your ministry do to help students going through divorce?

How do you interact with the now split household?

What happens when the parents remarry?

What about step-brothers and step-sisters?

How will you minister to these families that are now broken?

That’s what this book is primarily about. The numbers are important because it shows us the trends of culture and American lives. What we do when it becomes a reality for a student in our ministry is something that matters more than a stat. It’s also something we can actually do something about!

*This is an excerpt from my book: Student Ministry and Divorce: 4 Ways to Help Hurting Families.


About ronaldlong

Ronald is the Middle School Pastor at Wayside Chapel in San Antonio, TX. He has a beautiful wife named Bekah and three girls: Sophie, Penny and Ruth. He's the author of Awkward and Faker, two bible studies for students. Get more info about them at

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